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Manage all the content on your Android device


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FX File Explorer is a file and application management tool that lets you control all the content on your Android device in a very similar way to how you would on a computer.

With FX File Explorer, you can easily administer all your files, accessing anything you need and sharing it however you want. Uploading photos, watching videos, or managing your 3G connection—now with this app all this is easier than ever.

When you're working with your files in FX File Explorer, you'll find the classic options you'd expect from a the desktop computer: copy, paste, cut, create, delete, rename. You can also send files to friends through email or upload them to the cloud.

In the same way, you can unzip files (ZIP, RAR, 7Zip), access documents in many different formats, and even access the content of your computer through a WiFi network.

FX File Explorer is a very useful tool for Android users with a higher-than-average level of tech savvy, as it will put loads of special options at their disposal.

Requires Android 2.1 or higher

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